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  • "Mill afterwards" on powder coated panel

    When creating an in-filled text engraving on a powder coated panel, Front Panel Designer allows you the option to "Mill afterwards". This isn't an option on anodized panels because the anodizing is done first, but I'm curious about how it affects the result on a powder coated panel. Even if the difference is subtle, why would I choose one over the other?


    It may not matter, but in my particular case I'm planning to use text with white in-fill on a black panel.

    Posted By: hank_b on Sep 15, 2013 07:01AM Category: Production

    We recommend to have all engravings done after powder-coating when infill of the engravings is required. This way, the engravings won't be already covered with paint from the powder-coating process when we apply the infill paint (especially critical when having small engravings.) The result will look more defined and higher in quality.


    However, engraving after powder-coating requires a second setup on our milling machines and is therefore higher in cost.


    We give you more control over the cost of the panel by allowing you to choose when certain objects should be cut or engraved. The default setting for engravings is always "mill afterwards".


    I only know one good example for having engravings cut before powder-coating. This would be a serial number that shouldn't jump out too much with no infill paint somewhere on the bottom of the panel.


    I hope that explains the difference.


    Kind regards




    Posted By: DianeHaensel on Sep 17, 2013 01:46AM


    Thanks for your prompt and clear answer! I'll definitely keep the default, mill afterwards.

    Posted By: hank_b on Sep 17, 2013 04:29AM


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