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    Are there any issues related to machining painted panels? I'd like to have panels made from painted (brown, textured) 19"-rack mount panels, which naturally I would provide.

    Posted By: Mike Meier on Jan 27, 2009 05:26AM Category: Production

    Hi Mike,


    Usually there aren't any issues, however two things need to be considered.


    1. The panel needs a good primer. Just paint on aluminum won't work and will lead to flaky results around the holes or engravings. Standard rack mount panels from common suppliers have good coatings and don't come with that issue.


    2. The paint we use for the engravings don't always get along with the painted panel. Our experience tells us what works and what not and we offer special engraving wax as option. But again, standard painted or powder coated rack mount panels work just fine.


    And no worries, our customer service would contact you in case of any concerns prior to manufacturing.

    Posted By: Diane Haensel on Jan 28, 2009 03:37AM


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