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For a straight line as an engraving object please first select Insert > Engraving object > Line and place the object. In the subsequent dialog box "Engraving object properties", you can then determine the desired properties.

What is a "Line engraving"?

A line engraving can best be compared with the object "Horizontal line" or similar in word processing programs or HTML editors – it can be inserted as a straight line with specific characteristics such as length, line width and color (here also with an angle of rotation).

Properties of the line as an engraving object

After placing the object you can set the following variables for the required line engraving in the properties dialog box, while previewing the resulting engraving:




"Line" is pre-selected when you open the properties dialog box. At this point (and at any other design stage) you can switch to "Rectangle" or "Ellipse"


Length of the line engraving

Angle of rotation

Rotation angle of the line engraving around its reference point

Line width

You can set the width of the gravure line freely in the spinner, as long as " Use tool diameter" remains unchecked (lower limit set to tool gauge). If " Use tool diameter" is checked, the tool gauge determines the line width.

In-fill color

Color of the paint with which the line engraving should be in-filled. By selecting "No in-fill color" the engraving remains bright.


The width of the gravure line is determined by the diameter of the tool, as long as " Use tool diameter" is checked. If this or " Automatic selection" is checked, the largest possible tool is selected that is compatible with the requirements.

Place on reverse side

Set the check mark if you want the engraving to be applied to the reverse side of the panel. Please note that the engraving element appears mirrored on the reverse side. In Front Panel Designer, the front panel is always displayed and processed from the perspective of the front side.

Do not produce object

If you do not want to engrave a line, but to place it on the front panel for information purposes only - for example as a marker -  then check this box.