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All objects that are created by "Front Panel Designer" are produced with milling machines by milling, drilling and engraving. Engraving objects are in-filled with the desired colors. You can choose between production services with normal through to extremely fast processing times.

"Front panel files are milling files"

In order to produce the desired front panel with the milling machines at Front Panel Express LLC, the objects from the front panel files are to a large extent automatically converted into objects of a milling file. In this way it is guaranteed that the customer's specifications are 100% implemented.

Use of client-supplied material

You can also use "Front Panel Designer" in order to have your own material, semi-finished or finished parts, such as enclosure covers, etc. processed.

BOPLA housing profile (Alustyle)
Conversion of Logos

"Front Panel Designer" permits the display of multi-colored logos. To do this, the logos must be available as HPGL files in order to integrate them as engraving objects.

The desired logos are often available as more or less complex pixel graphics. We are happy to undertake the conversion to engravable HPGL files for a fixed price.

Special Orders

"Front Panel Designer" offers a variety of design options that are based upon the design of front panels. With our machinery we can also produce complex machine parts. We have years of experience in the effective implementation of CAD files in milling machine programs. We would be happy to provide you with a quote based on your technical drawings.

Delivery times

The standard time period from the receipt of orders to readiness for shipment is <% FPD_US_MS_STANDARD_DAYS%> working days, if the basic panel materials listed in "Front Panel Designer" are used and the order value is less than $ 1,500 net.

If you have an order with a value greater than $ 1,500 net, then order-specific processing times apply, which we will be happy to explain in advance.

If you provide your own material, the manufacturing lead time begins, regardless of the time your order was placed, with the arrival of your material in our incoming goods department.

Faster production times of 3 or pressing 1 working days for a surcharge of 100% or 200% can also be commissioned.

When ordering, you can determine the duration of the shipment through our shipping service. There are a number of shipping options ranging from low-cost standard shipping to overnight delivery.