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Front panels are almost always labeled. And in most cases, text engraving is a technically appropriate and cost-effective solution. However we also provide solutions for more far-reaching requirements and special cases.

Standard lettering

The simplest method of labeling is to insert a text engraving (details). In the corresponding dialog box you can enter your desired text in single or multiple lines and determine all the essential characteristics (size, alignment, color, etc.). You are only restricted to a specific selection of fonts, which can each be used with particular special characters, and to a certain range of colors, with which an engraving can be in-filled.

The vast majority of all labeling requirements are met using the "text engraving" option. Please refer to the following two points to see how special fonts or other colors may also be used.

For larger quantities or more extensive labeling, the use of our printing technology for labeling – particularly in combination with logos or colored design elements – can be beneficial (see below).

Special characters

Each of the character sets available in "Front Panel Designer" contains a larger or smaller number of special characters which you can very easily make use of for your labeling.

A special character can be replaced in the text by "\xxx" whereby "xxx" stands for the ASCII code of the character.

In the "Character sets and their special characters" section of the "text engraving" chapter, you will be able to access a PDF file showing the concordance between characters and ASCII codes for all relevant fonts.

Special fonts

If you require a font which is not available in the properties dialog box for text engraving , it is also possible to create the required labeling in HPGL format (details) using a suitable graphics program (e.g. Corel Draw or Inkscape). Our UV printing technology also allows for the representation of text in any font.

Example (Design by Owlstone Ltd.): Chinese characters have been adopted here as a graphic file. Although a HPGL engraving would also be possible in principle, each character and every one of its features would require manual editing to enable clean machining.

Special colors

If you require a color for the labeling which is not available in the properties dialog box for text engraving , this can be provided by us for an additional charge. We charge a flat rate (please inquire if required) for RAL or NCS colors (250ml). The paint becomes the customer's property and is stored by us for 2 years following the last order.


Using UV printing technology .

Example (Design by INOVAFLEX Elektronik GmbH): Although all of the graphic elements can in principle be engraved, UV printing is used due to the small font size required.

Labeling through digital printing

Labeling can also be applied with printing techniques . Whereas text engraving for single units and for a limited number of inscriptions is unbeatable from a cost point of view, the use of printing techniques for labeling is favorable under the following conditions:

Larger quantities
Larger numbers of labels in particular with multi-stroke fonts on each front panel
In combination with a logo
In combination with multi-colored design elements or images

The basic measures required are detailed in the "Printing" chapter. Please check the information and send the appropriate documents for your project to our Technical Support. We will be glad to discuss your needs and send you a detailed quotation.