Engraving elements

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Engraving objects refers to all objects that are only worked a few 1/10 mm into the surface of the main plate. Whereas small text and fine lines are ideally produced with gravers, milling cutters with suitable diameters are used for large letters and thick lines.



Single or multi-line character strings with certain typographic features


Straight gravure line, rotating around its reference point with selectable length, thickness and color.


Rectangular gravure line with selectable width, height and line width as well as in-fill color


Elliptical gravure line with selectable main and co-vertices as well as in-fill color

HPGL engraving

2-dimensional vector graphic in HPGL format, consisting of lines with defined contours



What all engraving objects have in common

Every engraving - whether text, contour line or contour from an imported HPGL file – is generally assigned an "in-fill color" from the respective properties dialog box in which it should finally appear on the panel.

If the in-filling of the engraving objects is principally not desired, the tick should be removed from the "In-fill engravings" box in the properties dialog box for the main plate. Tip: You can also deliberately leave individual engravings bright by selecting "No in-fill color" as the in-fill color in the properties dialog box for the object.

What is "In-filling"?

In order to represent their assigned color property after engraving, engraving objects are filled or "in-filled" with a special paint of the selected color. This manufacturing step takes place after the production of the front panel and includes the systematic drying and removal of excess paint.

Selection of the engraving tool

You can exert a decisive influence on the line thickness and thereby the appearance of text engravings in particular through the choice of tool. To do this open the "Text engraving properties" dialog box (after marking the engraving object in question) with Selection > Properties and try out the effects the various tools have on the appearance of the lines. For normal text engravings, it is basically worth considering the different gravers, for line engravings and for particularly large text possibly also the individual milling cutters.