Pixel art & photos

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Time and again objects are required – from small signets right up to photos – which due to their design and their color have to be realized using printing technology.

Color gradients or color samples

With the engraving objects available in "Front Panel Designer" , – for example "Line" and of course in particular "HPGL engraving" – a variety of design elements can be represented, which can also be in-filled with different colors .

If these design elements include color gradients or color patterns, you can fall back on our UV printing .

Corporate Design

The appearance and image of a company may include elements which cannot be represented accurately enough with the "traditional" printing techniques of engraving or embossing. Our UV printing technology allows us to transfer any kind of graphic element onto the front panel in color.

The logo can, in principle, be engraved, however the distances which would have to be included between the in-filled areas and the object edges for example would render its appearance unfamiliar.

Functional diagrams

While engraving objects must be a certain distance apart from each other or from other elements, milling elements and printing images can be arbitrarily superimposed upon each other.


Our UV printing technology allows us to transfer colored pixel graphics in sizes up to 1100 x 800 mm² to aluminum. (The size limit is derived from the maximum area for mechanical processing.) Not only can complex graphic elements be integrated into front panels, but in principle pure photo panels with the corresponding dimensions can also be produced.

Technical implementation

For assistance in creating your digital template, see the chapter "Print files" and a description of our printing technology in the chapter "UV printing".